The physicist who created a system to win at roulette

Beating casino roulette is not easy, but a young scientist was about forty years ago and today we know how he did it.

In the 70s the story of two physics students became famous , who devised a mechanism that increased the chances of winning roulette.

The device began to give such good results that they were banned from entering the casinos , so they ran out of the necessary scenario to finish their project and everything was wrapped in a trail of mystery that has recently been unraveled by a professor of the University of California , which has referred to the work of a colleague of his whom he has never appointed, but who seems to be one of those two young people forty years ago.

In addition, there are peer-reviewed scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of very similar mechanisms , so it seems that if winning roulette is in the hands of someone, that someone belongs to the world of science.

The Eudaemons, the young people who wanted to beat roulette

The Eudaemons were a group of young physics graduates from the University of California , whose purpose was to find a way to win at roulette and use the money obtained to subsidize a scientific community.

The project began to give good results, so it was finally forbidden the entrance to all the casinos of Neavada to its main responsible, J. Doyne Farmer , ending the hopes of these boys to achieve their goal.

The mechanism they devised was based on the initial movements of the ball , since the bet can be made once it has been thrown on the moving roulette . Taking into account these first steps, they used a series of calculations capable of calculating the trajectory that the ball would follow with a good percentage of success. 

The device consisted of a camera and an oscilloscope that recorded the movements of the roulette and sent them to a small computer that used a series of trigonometric formulas designed by them to calculate the octant in which the ball would fall.

The whole machine was so small that it could hide in the shoe, so that the user only had to press a button with the toe to send the data and be attentive to the response, which was transmitted through a blow in the leg.

The Eudaemons experiment today

As I said, most of this mechanism has been revealed recently, when a professor of physics at the University of California has told the network as he did a teammate to guess what would come out in roulette . He does not name it at any time, but by the description that does everything seems to point to J. Doyne Farmer ; since, in addition, he also states that he was denied entry to the casinos.

All this could be in a simple anecdote without any scientific demonstration, but the truth is that if the entrance was forbidden it must have been because the owners of the casinos saw that they were annoying the business, so that is already quite a demonstration. However, to be more confident we can also take into account a peer-reviewed study that was carried out in 2012  by the Universities of Hong Kong and Australia.

It speaks of a similar mechanism and it is said that, in fact, the chances of success go from 2.7% to 18% . Ok, it’s no brutality, but it becomes something much more tangible. 

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