With the appearance of online slots many Spanish players who love traditional slot machines are changing their routines to play in the best online casinos in Spain. These digital platforms have the advantage of offering a greater number of titles than any bar in Spain and even many of the physical casinos that are distributed throughout the Spanish geography. In addition, its web pages also offer the advantage of being able to play from anywhere and at any time thanks to an Application or Mobile Version, however some users wonder about the legality of online slot betting. That is why at Casino Games we have created a 2019 Guide on how to legally play online slots so that you avoid any problems related to Finance and the protection of your personal information. We have also included information related to tips for choosing the most appropriate online slot and what features legal online slots have in Spain.

The General Directorate Of Game Management

Compared to other countries in the world, the online betting sector in Spain was relatively late. Before 2010, there were already international markets in which hundreds of casino game titles could be played safely and reliably, while in our country this was not yet possible.

Slot machines are one of the most popular games in Spain and with the introduction of online slots many users wanted to enjoy this type of online gambling games . But they also didn’t want to risk losing their money due to a scam or having problems with the Treasury. What was the solution? The Spanish government decided to create an agency that will be in charge of controlling, sanctioning, regulating, authorizing and supervising all activities related to online and physical gambling in Spain: the General Directorate for Game Management .

This institution under the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance was created in 2011 and was the legal push that online casino games needed in Spain. Since its appearance, the number of legal operators and users registered on its web pages has not stopped growing.

When the DGOJ was created, one of the needs that the Spanish Internet users had been demanding for a long time was answered: an option to legally play online slots and not have consequences with the Treasury. Since 2011, DGOJ assumed the powers and functions of regulating State Lotteries and Betting. Although it was assumed that the General Directorate of Game Management would be a temporary institution that would respond to the demands of the industry while creating a National Gaming Commission, due to the instability of the government at that time that famous Commission never developed and until today it is the DGOJ who is responsible for controlling, sanctioning, regulating, authorizing and supervising online bets.

The main functions of the Directorate General for Game Management can be summarized in three: Regulation, Inspection and Management and Institutional Relations.

Regulation of legal online slots and other casino games

This aspect includes:

  • Authorize sporadic gaming activities in Spain that need a specific authorization.
  • Propose and analyze the impact of regulation related to physical and online gaming.
  • Process the application for certifications in order to offer casino games in Spain.
  • Process the corresponding sanctions at points of sale of the State Lottery and State Betting Society.
  • Establish institutional relationships with local, national and international organizations related to physical and online gaming.
  • Inform about the authorization of lottery activities.
  • Process sanctions according to the Game Regulation Law.
  • Require the cessation of its activities to any provider of services and products related to the game if it violates current legislation.
  • Supervise the way in which casino games are advertised in Spain.

Inspection Of Legal Online Slots And Other Casino Games

This aspect includes its functions:

  • Inspect the activities of the games and their technical systems imposing the corresponding files if the inspections are negative.
  • Fight against illegal gambling regardless of whether it comes from Spanish territory or from outside Spain but is targeting the Spanish market.
  • Request the necessary information from the operators and service providers related to the game to verify that there is no irregularity.
  • Establish the functional and technical requirements to verify that they conform to the homologation requested.
  • Collaborate with the competent authorities to prevent and control fraud.

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