In the world of casino games, unloaded slots are known as those  slots in which it is not necessary to make any kind of software download in the computer memory or iOS or Android devices . That’s why these slot machines are also called instant slots since you can start playing on them in a matter of seconds. Some Spanish players also call them Flash slots because to be able to play on the device screen you need to have this type of software program installed.

Remember that Flash software is not exclusive to casino games as it is also used in other types of online applications. This type of programs makes games with very good designs can be played using very little memory and without the need to store anything on the hard drive. In addition, quality issues have the same as download slots.

In  Casino Games  we have prepared this Guide 2019 on the advantages and disadvantages of slots without download and we will also show you interesting information such as: how a slot works without downloading, tips for using this type of slot, the importance of knowing the RTP and Volatility of a slot without download and what are the features that have the best slots without downloading.

How does an online slot without download work?

First of all, from Casino Games we recommend that the user select an online casino with no download slots approved by the General Directorate of Game Management . In this way the player will have the assurance that all his online bets conform to current law (to avoid problems with the Treasury) and that his personal data, deposits and withdrawals are protected with end-to-end encryption systems. If you still don’t have an account with a legal operator with no download slots, we recommend that you also look for one with a good Welcome Bonus so that you can receive free money to play your favorite slots from the first turn.

Once you have your player account in an online casino with no download slots and you have logged in, you will only have to choose the slot machine of your choice, place your bets and wait for great prizes thanks to the best winning combinations. When you want to end your game session you will simply have to leave your player account.

 Advantages of Playing Slots Online Without Downloading


Fortunately, the speed and internet connection in Spain is at the level of the best European countries, so it is very difficult for your unloaded slot machine to be interrupted at the most inopportune moment. A few years ago the players recommended the download casino games, but nowadays and thanks to the 4G speed and future 5G speed, if you want to enjoy an online slot without downloading, in Spain you can do it with complete peace of mind.


As long as you play in a legal online casino with slot machines without downloading, all your personal data will be protected against third parties since this type of operators use high security encryption systems from end to end.


By not having to download any type of software , you can immediately play any online slot without downloading the best online casinos in Spain .

Memory Space Saving

Although it is true that the download casino games software programs take up very little space, why are you going to occupy the memory of your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device with an unnecessary casino program? Thanks to the slots without download you can use the memory of your devices for other applications.


One of the advantages of non-download slots is that there is a greater variety of titles since today most players around the world prefer this mode.

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