Sometimes it seems that luck is on our side and everything goes as we want. Yes, it is true that it is not usual, but from time to time, it  happens .Strategies for casino games 

The fault is that we cannot choose when and where luck will accompany us.

Since to win in casino games an important factor is chance – and there we can do nothing – there will be other factors that we can decide on.

Although there is nothing certain or a magic formula, there are certain tactics that can help you when placing your bets in the casino.

If you still don’t know how to play blackjack or the types of roulette in a casino, we recommend that you take a look at our article about casino for newbies before reading further.

Roulette Strategies

Although roulette is a game of chance and therefore you cannot modify or know its results, there are certain practices that you can carry out to increase your chances of winning.

Here is the list of roulette strategies:

  • Martingale
  • Ruleeta

It is probably the best known and popular . With its origin in the Gallic country in the 18th century, this French technique has a simple approach: In games where the odds of winning are 50% -50% , if you lose, you must double the bet on the next turn , of this In this way you will always recover the lost amount and get the benefit of the initial bet.

However, we believe that Martingale is not a very reliable method, read on!

Imagine that in a face / cross betting system, you bet € 1 on the face.

Round 1: cross out.

Round 2: € 2 bets and cross out.

Round 3: € 4 bets and cross comes out again.

By now you have lost € 7 (1 + 2 + 4).

This same example can be applied to roulette. Imagine that red / black, even / odd bets … the odds you have of winning and losing with this type of bets are the same.

We are going to see what happens in round 4. On this occasion, if we continue with the Martingale strategy, we would have to bet € 8 to make it expensive. You already play, right?  We would love to answer yes, you already have to win, but unfortunately the fact that you have lost a bet 4 times in a row does not mean that the fifth time you will win .

As we see, this system would be possible to carry out if the resources were infinite, but neither yours nor anyone else’s are.

Using this method bets grow exponentially, so it will not be difficult to get bankrupt in a short period of time. Mathematically speaking, the Martingale strategy leads to bankruptcy .

However, and despite the disadvantages of this system, casinos establish betting limits that prevent practicing these types of strategies.

Let’s look at the same example, but assuming this time that in round 4, luck is on our side and is expensive. As we had bet € 8, we won another € 8, which makes a final win of € 1 (€ 8 win – € 7 of the previous loss).

D’Alembert strategy

This is based on one of the theories of the French mathematician Alembert. According to its Law of Balance , and in a very summarized way, considering a wide sample of results, successes and failures are balanced .

With this in mind, and taken to roulette, what this strategy says is:

  • After each bet won , you must subtract 1 unit from the next bet.
  • After each loss you must add 1 unit to the next bet.
  • Bets decrease and increase depending on arithmetic and non-geometric factors. In the Martingale strategy, if you lose the bet you double it in the next round, here on the contrary, if you lose the bet in the next round you will increase it by 1 unit.

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